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What Is A Luau?

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Events By Island Breeze is a locally owned company that produces spectacular award winning luau shows. Luaus are a popular event in Hawaii, but what does luau mean, what is a luau and why are they so prevalent in Hawaii? A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast that is usually accompanied by entertainment and food. But you're probably wondering how these parties became prominent in Hawaiian culture.

What Does Luau Mean


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What is a Hawaiian Luau

In ancient Hawaii, men and women ate their meals separately. Women and the rest of society were not allowed to eat foods that were uncommon or served during special occasions. Luau parties were then created in 1819 by King Kamehameha II when he removed the religious laws that were being practiced and ate his meals with the women.

Luaus commonly became known as luaus because of the food that was often served at a luau including squid or chicken luau, which consisted of meat, luau leaves and coconut milk. The main dish that is served at a luau is Kalua Pua’a (Kalua Pig) that is cooked in an earth oven (Imu) along with Poi. Chicken Long Rice, Haupia, Lomi Lomi Salmon and lots more. Now that you know what a luau is, join Events by Island Breeze for a luau you will remember for a lifetime.

Events By Island Breeze Reviews
Alisa S.
The most awesome luau show in Hawaii, especially on the Big Island. They have blessed many people from all over the world since the early 80s and are still doing it all over the Nation's of the World!!
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